philip johnson

Philip Johnson is a graduate of the University of Sydney (B.A. [1988] & B.D. [1990]) and holds the MTh degree from the Australian College of Theology [2006]. He is both a visiting lecturer at Morling College (Sydney Australia) and also supervises some distance education courses. In 1991 he co-founded with Ross Clifford the Community of Hope which pioneered exhibitor’s booth ministry in Mind*Body*Spirit festivals in Australia. Besides co-writing the new book Taboo Or To Do (Darton Longman & Todd), he has also written/co-written several books, essays and articles including  The Cross Is Not Enough (Baker), Jesus and the gods of the new age (Lion), Beyond Prediction: The Tarot and Your Spirituality (Lion),  Beyond the Burning Times (Lion), and the e-book Apologetics, Mission and New Religious Movements (Sacred Tribes Press). He contributed three chapters to Encountering New Religious Movements (Kregel), was co-editor and principal writer of Religious and Non-Religious Spirituality in the Western World (“New Age”) (Morling Press), and contributed a chapter to Tough-Minded Christianity (Broadman & Holman). Academic essays have been published in Lutheran Theological Journal, Missiology, and Australian Religion Studies Review.

He is currently completing The Noah Challenge which is concerned with biblical, theological and historical issues related to the role of animals. He also blogs via wordpress on Animals Matter to God.

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